Arts and Culture Services

Arts and Culture Services

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The “e-Culture  Portal” provides a range of services of requests to license publications, publishing, research and cultural studies as well as licenses for radio and television broadcasting. It allows users to submit their requests electronically and upload all required documents, in order to be reviewed by the MOC staff and approved subsequently. Following that, the user is notified that the document is ready through text messages, so that he is able to collect it from the Public Service Center at the Ministry Office.

Arts Section:

The Arts Section- Culture and Arts Department provides several services and licenses targeting artistic and commercial entities. The Section grants licenses for artistic and cultural works to a number of entities and provides service of the unit for adding artistic activities to commercial records, unit of art strategies and folk troupes, via the “e-Culture  Portal”, through the following classified requests.

Licenses and services:

  • Request to issue a license for cultural orientation service for arts& cultural consulting offices.
  • Request to issue a license for registering activity of teaching playing musical instruments.
  • Request to issue a license for service of preparation and organization of public art concerts and events.
  • Request to issue a license for registering and proving motor arts’ performance activity.via this link