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Welcome to the open data portal of the Ministry of Culture

It is a government portal that publishes information about the ministry and makes it accessible to everyone on the Internet so that everyone can use it and share to others.

Open Data Policy

Open data is characterized by global standards and principles, including:

Ministry of Culture  plan for open data

Duration of the site

  • Classification of the contents of the site. ( culture sector)

Accept open data policy

Your use and access to the Open File Library is your acknowledgment of your compliance with the terms and conditions of this Policy

  • The terms and conditions of this policy are subject to change without prior notice to the user. Therefore, it is necessary to review this policy when you access this library and use this data.


Open data is provided to all beneficiaries without any fees or financial restrictions. You are entitled to use current and future data for any purpose you may enjoy without prejudice to the terms and conditions of this policy.

  • This license does not grant you the copyright or other proprietary rights
  • If you post or send this data to others, either in their original or modified form, you must include a copy of the open data policy mentioned on this page.
  • The use of this data is prohibited for any purposes that are suspicious or shady or contrary to the regulations of the State of Qatar.
  • Obligation to remove all intellectual products based on these data, if requested by the Ministry due to the removal of these data from the open library or due to violation of any of the terms and conditions of this policy.


All data obtained from the open data library is subject to the information security policies.

  • The Ministry of Culture  shall ensure the integrity, reliability and availability of such data at any time.


All data obtained from the Open Data Library is subject to the Privacy Policy

Reuse of the Data

The Ministry of Culture ensures the reliability and timeliness of data uploaded for the first time only, and does not guarantee the reliability of the files being conducted any modification or analysis.

  • You may not use the data in a way that you are an official entity or that you have been authorized by the Ministry of Culture to publish such data.
  • It should be stated clearly that the source of this data is the open data library of the Ministry of Culture, in all applications, sites, articles and scientific research that use or re-publish this data.


The Ministry of Culture is not responsible for any errors or data missing in the open data, applications or products based on this data, or copies that are republished or used from such data. You shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from its use. It also does not guarantee that data under a given subject will continue to be provided in the open data library.

Terminate usage

The Ministry of Culture may, at its absolute discretion, terminate, restrict or suspend your right to access and use the portal without notice and for any reason, including violation of terms and conditions of use or any other conduct which we may deem unlawful or harmful to others. You will not be authorized to access this portal.


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