In line of the Ministry’s vision, and in commitment to the Second National Development Strategy (2018-2022), with the aim of achieving the goals of the Qatar Digital Government Strategy 2020, and foremost among these goals, improving the level of government services for individuals and companies and raising the efficiency of government administrative processes; the Ministry of Culture  introduces the Electronic Culture  portal, in order to facilitate the services provided by the Ministry to the beneficiaries, expedite the work and raise the level of interaction with the public at various segments.

The E- portal provides a range of services to beneficiaries, including applications for publications and artistic works licenses, in addition to publications, translation, radio and television broadcasting licenses, as well as licenses  of Library Management, which allow users to submit applications electronically and upload all the required documents, in order to be reviewed by the Ministry’s staff and subsequently be approved, after which the user will be notified through text messages to receive the transaction from the Ministry of Culture  website, electronically, without having to visit the Ministry of Culture.

The ministry provides these services through all digital platforms and smart devices applications, in order to ensure that all its services can be reached by all beneficiaries, since the electronic services provided by the Ministry of Culture  aim to facilitate the submission of applications for individuals and companies so that applicants can submit their applications and get them fully through the services provided by the departments of “publications, artistic works, broadcasting licenses, releases, translation.”

To ensure providing benefits of electronic services to all users, the services will be provided through the smart phones application, by connecting these devices to the services of other governmental entities, so that the system is connected to the “Hukoomi” Portal specified for applicants, as well as connecting the system with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in conjunction with “Hukoomi” to verify the data of the commercial registration, while providing electronic forms to submit and follow up various application procedures of the concerned departments, which is considered a reflection of the cooperation of state institutions to achieve the Qatar E-portal2020.

All the electronic services provided by the Ministry of Culture  to the users leads to halt any paperwork so that there is no manual inputting of services, which reflects the ministry’s keenness to achieve the necessary technological development and cope with the electronic reality and meet the services of all users.

Services are requested from the e-services and registrations site via this link