As part of the celebration of the cultural and social heritage, the Ministry of Culture celebrated yesterday evening, Wednesday, the occasion of “Garangao”, on the side lines of the events of Ramadan Book Fair in its second edition, which is currently being held at the Darb Al-Saai headquarters in Umm Salal.

The squares and corridors of the book fair were decorated, starting with the Flag Square and between the book pavilions built in the shape of the old freej to evoke the traditional atmosphere of the Garangao celebration.

Garangao is an old traditional tradition that we inherit and renew every year on the night of the middle of the blessed month of Ramadan. It aims at encouraging children and urging them to continue fasting until the end of the holy month. It is also a reward for their fasting for half of the blessed month of Ramadan.

In the past, children used to knock on the doors of nearby houses and houses after sunset, in order to fill the bags they had with them with various kinds of sweets and nuts that were specially prepared by the people a few days before this occasion.

In this celebration, the children rejoice with the eternal popular songs, and their words and phrases have connotations that glorify generosity .. “Qatangoa .. Qaragoa .. Give Us May Allah Give You .. To Makkah He Sends You .. O Makkah The Holy Place .. O Nourah, Owner of Necklaces and Gold, Give Us from the Money of Allah, May He Bless Abdulla for You, Give Us A Specific Weight .. May Allah bless Ezaizan for You, O Sweet Girl, Your Father Opens His Doors .. He neither closed the door of generosity nor put a gate for it” “Qarangao .. Qaragao .. Etona Allah Yetekom … Beit Makkah Yewadekom .. Ya Makkah Yal Mamourah .. Ya Umm El-Salasel Wal Dhab Ya Nourah, Etona Men Mal Allah .. Yesalem Lakoum Abdulla, Etona Dahbat Mezan, Yeslam Lakom Ezaizan .. Ya Benyat Yal Hababah .. Aboj Meshara’a Babah .. Bab Al-Karam Masakah Wala Hat Loh Bawabah”.

Mrs. Aisha Ahmed Al-Mahmoud, the Director of the Public Relations and Communication Department at the Ministry of Culture, said that the Ministry of Culture was keen to invest in the wonderful atmosphere in the Ramadan Book Fair to transport children to the ancient world of Al-Furjan by holding a special celebration for this heritage occasion, which forms part of our social heritage in Qatar as well as the GCC States. The celebration is an opportunity to acquaint visitors to Qatar from Arab and foreign publishers and guests of the country with this social occasion as part of the Qatari heritage, noting that the celebration included the holding of theatrical performances in the children’s theater suitable for this occasion, in addition to various activities aimed at reviving the heritage where gifts, nuts and Garangao sweets were distributed to the children.

Al-Mahmoud added that the great turnout of children and all family members contributed to the creativity and drawing of a traditional image that reflected the authenticity of the Qatari heritage where the children, dressed in their colourful and bright traditional costumes, participated in the celebration, happily with the sweets, nuts and gifts they collected from different places, to the tunes of the song of Garangao.

She explained that the celebration of the Ministry of Culture confirms the Ministry’s message in promoting the Qatari heritage, especially this heritage, which contributes to strengthening social relations between adults and children and works to consolidate family ties between parents and neighbours and between the children of one freej.

The Garangao event held in Darb Al-Saai contributed to drawing joy on the faces of the children, who adorned themselves with traditional clothes.

On the other hand, the Heritage and Identity Department at the Ministry of Culture celebrated Garangao Night, in Al-Shaqab village in Al-Rayyan area.

Al Shaqab’s celebration on this night was marked by working to revive the Qatari heritage, presenting a variety of activities, including magic, handicrafts and the Madoud workshop in addition to selling products, holding popular competitions for children as well as distributing Garangao to the public.

Fatima Al-Shahwani from the Heritage and Identity Department said: “During our participation in the celebration of Garangao Night, we were keen to attract Qatari projects that provided popular dishes and sweets to the public present in Al Shaqab,” pointing out that the turnout was great by the public and children who enjoyed the events and activities held in Al Shaqab, noting that there are distinguished participations, including a Qatari project, “Mizan Layan”, for a Qatari girl who presents popular sweets in innovative ways.