The National Day, corresponding to the eighteenth of December of each year, comes to renew in the hearts of citizens the most beautiful meanings, through which they renew the covenant to serve the dear country, work for its survival in the ranks of developed countries, and promote the values ​​of loyalty and loyalty to the wise leadership, and follow the path of the founder (May God have mercy on him).

These meanings and values ​​are crystallized in various manifestations in every quarter of the dear country. Thus, the national values ​​are reflected not only in their behavior in serving the country in all aspects of life. They are evident in the general appearance of the state, where Qataris, especially children, these days, are clothed in everything that shows this love for the homeland and loyalty for the good leadership.

Darb Al Saai is considered as the most important place in which these patriotic feelings appear, as everyone visits it and they are keen to wear distinctive costumes on this occasion. They are also keen on the appearance of their children in the most beautiful suit that expresses the connection to the homeland, especially the clothes inspired by the colors of the white and burgundy national flag, as well as wearing well-known heritage clothes such as the daqla, the pickpocket dress and traditional dresses, and many young people prefer to wear clothes that mimic what Hama wears. The homeland is in the army and policemen, and this is what you find in the market located in Darb Al Saai, which includes the activities of the National Day, which is held under the slogan “Our Unity is the Source of Our Strength”, as Darb Al Saai provides shops selling National Day clothes keeping pace with the events.

The Designer / Bahia Al-Sayed says that the country’s national day is an opportunity to highlight the Qatari identity and reflect the love of the country, whether in behavior or fashion, as everyone, men and women, is keen to wear traditional clothes, and women wear especially the dress of pickpockets, designed in burgundy and white colors, in connection with the color of support.

She emphasized that there is a great demand for National Day clothes in Darb Al Saai, from everyone, especially children who love to wear these clothes. Girls wear dresses that show the national flag, while boys are keen to wear military uniforms, as an affirmation of their pride in their homeland and their definite desire stemming from their upbringing to love the homeland and to defend the dear homeland, Qatar.

For her part, Umm Hamad, the owner of the Queen Style store, said, “I have many designs related to the National Day, and with support, where the demand is high, with the choice of velvet fabric that suits the current climate so that children do not feel cold, noting that there are clothes for different age groups and in In the event that the buyer desires a specific design, we implement it as desired.

She said, as a mother, and every Qatari mother has this feeling, so we try to choose what makes our children happy and what makes them feel at home and its importance so that it grows up on the love of the homeland and the constant desire to serve it in all locations, pointing out that every mother chooses what the son or daughter presents in a distinctive and attractive form as well.

On the other hand, Amal Saleh Al-Yafei, the owner of Oryx Doha Fashion Project, said that with Darb Al Saai moving to its new location and excellent planning, it gave an opportunity for families to come here comfortably, noting that the National Day has a special significance in Darb Al Saai this year, as the visitors are not citizens or even Residents only, but rather visitors who came to watch the World Cup in Qatar, and therefore we wanted to diversify between traditional costumes as well as clothes for the National Day because we want to show them our heritage in clothes and keen to let them know about everything related to heritage in Qatar.

She added by saying that, in addition to traditional clothes, she chose the design of the National Day scarf, which is easy to wear for women, and it was made with 9 different designs suitable for different ages, and therefore we found a great demand in Darb Al Saai for scarves that express the National Day due to the national atmosphere and the existing events.