Doha Youth Center has started implementing its approved plan for summer activities. The plan is different this year as it comes in line with the precautionary measures adopted by the state to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Activities and programs will be presented through the video conferencing platforms in compliance with the social distancing measures recommended by the competent health authorities.
Salah Al-Saadi, Executive Director of Doha Youth Center, pointed out that the activities of the Center this year are rich and diverse with regard to cultural, scientific, educational and sports content. Doha Youth Center has been used, since its inception, to offering programs and activities, which are most popular among young people, as they enhance their talents and develop their abilities while promoting cultural heritage and national identity at the same time in order to fulfill the aspirations and guidance of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in realizing the Ministry’s vision “Towards a Conscious Society with an Authentic Conscience and a Healthy Body”.
In that spirit, Doha Youth Center had worked hard to promote the bonding among its young members through useful activities held throughout the year, which vary in content. The Center endeavors to provide an incubator environment which brings young people together, especially during the summer holiday period, where they were leaving the school environment, which the Center replaces by programs that are recreational in the general sense, yet educational from their special perspective.
In his statement, he noted that the current period with the Coronavirus pandemic presents a new challenge that requires the synergy and cooperation of all youth centers and the ability to utilize the potential available in order to realize the aspirations of young people and make the most of the developed programs.