The activities of the National Day 2022 continue  in Darb Al-Saai in Umm Salal for the third  day respectively under the slogan “Our unity is the source of our strength”  amid great public turnout of citizens, expatriates and guests of the State of Qatar of  the World Cup fans.

All the activities held in Darb Al-Saai yesterday received a great turnout, including the heritage activities that the Ministry of Culture was keen to highlight this year, as well as horse and camel riding, falconry, in addition to the marine arts that were strongly present in Darb to reflect an aspect of the Qatari folk heritage in one places visited by the largest number of audiences.

Among the places was the “Darb Al-Saai Market”, in which a group of various shops are available that have traditional names, and provide services amid a popular atmosphere that attracts the masses. The market is located at the entrance of Darb Al Saai, and its proximity to the entrances was taken into account to be in full view of the masses.

Productive families  participated in the market who show a variety of goods, including traditional women’s clothing, as well as children’s clothing that has been professionally designed in bright colors, most of which are of burgundy and a number of restaurants and shops of a heritage nature and reflect inheritance and highlight it as it forms a distinguished destination to Darb Al-Saai visitors.

The market also contains another collection of shops that present a part of the Qatari heritage, including the coffee shop that prepares Arabic coffee and offer it to the public and visitors of Darb Al Saai. Qatar’s guests will also be introduced to methods of making Arabic coffee, as it has seen a great demand from the masses and visitors of the Darb.