The Ministry of Culture participated in the discussion forum of “The culture of Qatari society in light of the diversity of other cultures in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022,” which was launched from 2 to 15 November, and is organized by the Ministry of Social Development and Family.

The participation of the Ministry of Culture came with a working paper that dealt with the topic, “How to integrate the culture of Qatari society and revive its heritage in the 2022 World Cup”, which aims to identify the extent of acceptance and integration of the culture of Qatari society, with the various other cultures present in the State in the World Cup Championship 2022.

On the part of the Ministry of Culture, Mrs. Maryam Al-Ali participated, who dealt with several points, most notably, a look at the culture of Qatari society, the culture of Qatari society and other cultures, cultural overlap or integration, the policy of pride in cultural identity, compatibility with cultural integration, cultural interaction, through The interaction of the culture of the Qatari society with other cultures, the culture of the Qatari society under the 2022 World Cup.

The working paper of the Ministry of Culture shed light on the Qatari society’s view of the culture, where Qataris have been famous since ancient times for being proud of their one community identity, while Qatari society in the era of diving in particular was mostly between land and sea, and in most seasons of the year engaged in one common professional work. Such a professional pattern contributed to defining and strengthening the identity of Qatari society in addition to many common factors that contributed to the formation of a single identity, such as the similarity of the geographical environment, lifestyle, and most importantly, the homogeneity of the population.

The paper also dealt with the culture of the Qatari society and other cultures, according to the good and authentic nature, for which the Qatari society is famous, derived from the explicit and clear teachings of the true Islamic religion, which call for tolerance, and also derived from the authentic Arab customs and traditions, which urge good morals, especially when dealing with strangers, the most prominent of which is generosity. The civilized Qatari society was genuinely willing and rooted in its depths, to accept coexistence with various other cultures while preserving its steadfast and authentic values.

In the working paper, cultural overlap or integration came, as this concept refers to cultural overlap or integration, supporting cross-cultural dialogue and confronting self-isolation tendencies within a society that lives in multiple cultures. This concept appeared as a cultural reaction to confront some voices calling for the opposite.

The paper discussed the policy of pride in cultural identity and compatibility with cultural integration as the cultural integration and overlap is an issue that may be accepted or not be accepted, but it is a reality and an issue that must be dealt with. Therefore, people rely on trust in the local culture and pride in the local cultural identity, preserving its authenticity and not changing it while accepting the idea of ​​the existence of other cultures around us, which we are affected positively, and certainly not negatively.

The paper presented, cultural interaction, through the interaction of the culture of Qatari society with other cultures, and it means the ability to successfully communicate between the culture of Qatari society and individuals belonging to other cultures, and its usefulness, during interactions with individuals belonging to foreign cultures, a person who is characterized by the ability to interact between cultures to understand the concepts of the specific culture related to sensory perception, the way of thinking, feelings and behavior, as the Supreme Committee for Legacy adopted through what we see the diversity of activities that are appropriate to the target group according to respect for their culture in accordance with the laws of the country and its local culture, and at the same time work on uniting all state agencies to introduce the Qatari culture through the sports projects themselves and the accompanying programs surrounding the stadiums or those that are spread in the State and its regions, including what the Ministry of Culture did by holding the Darb Al-Saai event, which includes many different heritage and cultural activities with the participation of several government and private agencies in the State, and it is being held this year, under a slogan that affirms that unity is the source of strength among the members of Qatari society.

It is derived from the words of His Highness, the beloved Emir of the State, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, “Our unity is the source of our strength.”

The working paper concluded with the culture of Qatari society under the 2022 World Cup, which dealt with the manifestations of changes that affected buildings, streets and infrastructure development, but did not change the Qatari society’s adherence to its culture and national identity for which it was known.