Al Khor Girls Center, in cooperation with Al Wejdan Cultural Center and Media Center honored the youth participating in “Launch your channel” program at the Qatar Red Crescent building in Al Khor amid commitment to all precautionary measures.


The program was launched last February aiming at launching a group of channels on YouTube to provide meaningful content. The program included various workshops that support idea and aims of the program.


The honoring ceremony was attended by Mrs. Jana Jassim Al Muraikhi, Executive Director of Al Khor Girls Center and Omar Shams Al Din, Director of Training and Institutional Communication Department at Al Wejdan Cultural Center in addition to the program participants from Al Khor Girls Center members.


During the honoring ceremony, Mrs. Jana Jassim Al Muraikhi welcomed the attendees and expressed her happiness at the level of participation in the program. She also welcomed the cooperation with the partner agencies to implement this program that is characterized by participation of the female members who contributed to its achievement and their interaction with workshops that the program offered since its launch last February.


She added that the program aimed at establishing channels on YouTube which include providing meaningful content in the ethical and behavioral field pointing out that it contributes to enhancing the national identity and supporting Qatar National Vision 2030 and that these channels will be within the YouTube channels of Al Khor Girls Center in the future.


She stressed that this program was implemented despite the precautionary measures related to Corona Pandemic until achieving its aims through implementing it and interaction of the female participants with it.


Omar Shams El-Din welcomed the cooperation between Wejdan Cultural Center and Al Khor Girls Center to complete this program in order to achieve its objectives in spreading work culture, enhancing values inside the society, investing time in achieving what is beneficial in a manner that benefits the society.


In turn, Habiba Al-Amiri, a university student, expressed her happiness to participate in the program she learns about it from her university colleague and she liked the idea very much. She added, “I wanted to participate in the program to prepare a group of channels on YouTube specially Qatari Channels on YouTube are few and we need to have our own YouTube channels in Qatar.”


The program aimed at enhancing many ethical aspects in society such as honesty and sincerity at work in order to develop national belonging and to enhance the Qatari identity in addition to the role of the program in developing creativity and innovation among members of Al Khor Girls Center. Also, the program includes the idea of launching channels that share in developing Al Khor Girls Center channel on YouTube.


The content submitted by girls was evaluated by a specialized committee until concluding the program by announcing the winning team of participants and members of Al Khor Girls Center.