Youth Media Center affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports signed media cooperation agreement with the First Step Center, a family sports center. This agreement includes various articles. The most important articles include setting up field training workshop for youth entitled “Young Reporters”. Also, the agreement includes cooperation in order provide meaningful content that preserves elements of the national identity in addition to preparing media reporters (correspondents) from male youth and preparing database for young media professionals.


The first cooperation between Youth Media Center and First Step center will be launched during the online summer activity that is organized by Youth Affairs Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


In this respect, Jawaher Al-Badr, Director of the Youth Media Center Said that the  agreement is ratified because of  belief in the active and vital role that the public and private institutions and bodies play in serving the nation and society. Also, she noted that the agreement seeks to exchange information and experiences to raise the efficiency of performance of the two parties according to comprehensive quality standards and according to jurisdictions and legislations determined by law.


She stressed that the agreement also supports the approach of the Ministry of Culture and Sports that encourages sports to be a way of life for all members of society as the First Step Center will offer discounts to members of Youth Media Center.


For her part, Aisha Al-Mutawa, Director of First Step Center, welcomed the agreement stressing that it represents a sincere desire between the two parties to develop cooperation and raise level of performance to serve the society and achieve goals that center seeks to achieve.


She explained that the First Step Center will work to lay foundations of media cooperation with the Youth Media Center and provide what it can save in the field of training benefiting at the same time from the capabilities the Youth Media Center provides.