The Youth Media Centre has emphasized its efforts to support young people through a comprehensive vision that is not limited to the organization of workshops and events, so as to contribute to human building in a unique creative manner.

Jawahar Al-Bader, Director-General of the Youth Information Centre, said that the Centre had ambitious plans, through which it sought to present itself differently and to form a strong pillar of youth work in the coming period.

She added that the center is trying, through the various programs and partnerships it recently held, to present an identity to the center stemming from the goals it seeks to achieve, and to be an important tributary of distinguished Qatari media in the future.

The Center actively participated in the Arab Youth Day by organizing interactive seminars on this occasion under the title of the importance of media, and another campaign in which a large number of media personalities participated.

Many of the seminars, workshops and events organized by the Centre have enjoyed a distinctive community and youth interaction, which has led the Centre’s management to expand participation of different age groups by organizing more such events.

During the last period, the center held a series of partnerships with various youth centers of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, including partnerships with Qatar Voluntary Centers, Wejdan Al-Hadari, Al-Khor Girls, Music Affairs, First Step, and others.

And he carried out the production of videos for the celebration of Garangao and Eid Al-Fitr and covering the fake evacuation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the youth policy of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in addition to videos of the Shura Council to educate all segments of society in order to participate in these elections.

The Centre produced a weekly publication by a number of small media professionals who graduated from the Qatar Centre for Events initiative called Future Media.

The Centre contributed to the presentation of a series of future plans to promote the comprehensive national vision of the State of Qatar 2030 within the framework of the vision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The Centre recently announced the development of several future visions for new projects, including an important partnership, which will be announced in the coming period with Katara Hospitality and other partnerships with various parts of the State.

The Youth Information Centre has spared no effort to achieve its vision developed by the Centre’s management. During the past period, it has organized a series of events, courses, meetings and workshops. In addition, it has received the “Promising Media” regiment, the first of an ambitious program.