Amateurs of the Homing pigeon section of the Youth Hobby Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports have achieved advanced positions in the million-dollar race for homing pigeons in Victoria, Zimbabwe

Amateurs have achieved a historic achievement, which is the most powerful in the world, involving 1220 amateurs from all over the world with 7532 pigeons registered in the 600km race.

Umm Baraka Loft won fourth place in the final race and first place in the knockout competition, as well as fourth place in the (Super Ice) competition, and also third place as the best pigeon during the season. The amateur Khalifa Nasser Al-Kuwari ranked 17th, and the challenge ranked 30th worldwide.

The result achieved by the center’s amateurs is considered one of the strongest results of the Qatari amateurs’ participation in the history of the international participation in the homing pigeon races, where they have demonstrated their high heels and contests to the world champions.