The Youth Hobbies Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Sports organizes a (Basics of Photography) course for beginners, 19th – 21st July. It will be presented by trainer Abdullah Hamdan Al Mannai. Participants will learn through the “Zoom” application about the camera and the rules of photography and training.
The (Basics of Photography) course is the most requested by beginners and is monthly organized by the Centre. It was previously presented by trainer Fatima Al-Emadi, Participants learned about the main elements of photography to properly start creating a special world and be uniquely creative as a hobby or professionally.
The topics of the previous session included (how to hold the camera – what is digital photography – how cameras work – types of cameras and lenses – exposure – focus – white balance and light temperature alance) – creative control and composition – some creative methods of photography). The participants interacted with the course’s instructor in a wonderful and powerful way.
It is important to mention that the Youth Hobbies Centre is keen on developing the hobby of photography, attracting young people to practice photography. The Centre organizes a number of (online) workshops and training courses in addition to various competitions and virtual exhibitions. The Centre is the largest sponsor of photographers in Qatar.