Youth Hobbies Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports organizes the FIFA online 2021 tournament within the period from 18 to 24 June. The center has allocated financial prizes to winners as follows: 400 QR for the first position, 2500 QR for the second position and 1500 QR for the third position. The tournament is held and is based on leaving of the loser team for two matches (inside and outside) according to total of the two matches (not land advantage). In case of tie, a play-off match will be played until penalty kicks to determine the winner team in case of tie. The time of the match is 6 minutes and the defense is tactical and the speed is normal and there are no restrictions on teams. Also, it is possible to participate in any team and no complaints related to the internet will be received as every complaint must be proven by the clear photography and the final decision is of the organizing committee.


Completion of registration in a sort time reflects the high demand of youth for tournaments organized by the center that help youth have fun, compete between teams and show their technical abilities and control skills with passion to get the title and awarding of the winning team. The tournaments cope with the global developments in the field of electronic football in terms of developing youth skills and organizing tournaments.