The Youth Hobbies Center announces the extension of the registration period of membership in the general assembly of the center until July 15 in preparation to hold elections related to the positions of the chairman and vice-chairman. Conditions that should be available in the candidate include that he must be of Qatari nationality, his age is not less than 21 years old at the date of applying to the position and doesn’t exceed 39 years old, he should be active member in the center for three months at least from the date of obtaining active membership until closing the nomination except the first elections cycle at the centers whose articles of association is modified to the elections system.

Also, the candidate must not be convicted in final judicial ruling in disgraceful crime or dishonesty crime unless he has been rehabilitated. In addition, he must be of full capacity, good reputation and of good conduct and that he has paid his financial obligations in case the articles of association approves that.

It is noteworthy that the goal of elections in youth centers is to choose the management of the youth centers through direct election from general assemblies instead of appointment by the ministry in order to attract youth and girls to the membership of the various youth centers and to enable them choose individuals they consider effective and suitable to manage these centers. This will be reflected on setting up plans and programs that fulfill their ambitions and needs and enable them to express their opinions.