In order to make the summer an opportunity for activity and self-development, youth centers, cultural and community committees, girls’ centers and forums affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which cover all geographical regions in the country, organize, as each year, a variety of youth activities involving cultural, sports and social events with a view to investing vacation times unleashing the creative energies of young boys and girls and developing their skills in different spheres of life.


Qatar Youth Hostels

The Qatari Youth Hostels is organizing a series of events during the summer, through which they aim to combine summer fun with skills and knowledge development, and to expand understanding, starting with “let`s Find Out the World with Passion,” which is an educational tourism program that aims to make the most beautiful five tourist areas in each country of the world known. with a series of videos recorded to plant their discovery passion in a youthful way. Youth hostels also organize the “Tip on the Fly” program, which is a tourism program that introduces the history of countries and reviews some information and tourist places in each country through a short video.


Youth hostels are also launching the soon-to-be announced Google Guide program, which helps to publicize tourism, cultural, heritage and sports venues, as well as malls and restaurants through the Google Map application. This program aims to enrich digital content so that it is suitable for local and international tourists and visitors to Qatar and promotes indoor tourism, increased identification opportunities and experimentation with new sites and tourist features.


Ammunition youth center

For its part, the ammunition Youth Centre holds many sports and cultural programs and activities during the summer period, which started in July and will last until 15 August. The current summer activity is called “Our Summer Is different.”


The summer this year is not only limited on boys, but it also included activities for girls including many programs that will be held via social media and electronic platforms, and they included both awareness programs for boys and girls, including awareness lectures on cybercrime and cybersecurity which will be held with the collaboration of the Ministry of Justice of Qatar and other programs such as the educational summits laboratories which are integrated and contain many lectures, including on leadership personality-building skills, self-perception and working with others.


There are also other programs, which are stories and lessons, which will be presented by Majida Al-Kuwari, and the “goodness is diverse” program, which will be presented by Maha Fariha. We were not limited to this at ammunition Youth Center only, but the center will conduct many cultural workshops and seminars, including “Reassuring Homes” by Maha Fariha and a cultural lecture under the title “Mental Health” presented by Haya Al Kaabi.


The Centre will also offer numerous educational programs on how to make Social Media publications using canva program, lectures on the wireless aircraft and information protection, and decision-making and problem-solving programs. The Centre will also offer several programs in collaboration with the Country Red Crescent, which it has started with a first aid course and which will continue over the next month. The Centre will continue through August with many programs and courses that will benefit citizens and residents of the State through its platforms.


Mr. Lahdan Saqr Al-Muhanadi, head of the center, says that the center will continue to shed light on the programs and activities that the center’s management believes to be beneficial to the community in all its categories. calling on all those who had a new idea or activity to bring to the Centre’s management, stressing that all its staff were fully prepared to support the idea if it served the people of the region or youth in general.


Doha Girls Center

The Doha Girls Center offers a set of activities for the summer period, during which the focus will be on self-development and skills, and strengthening the patriotic spirit among young women through a series of activities, which begin with the Behavioral Health Workshop for Women, which will be organized tomorrow, Monday, from 7-8 pm. The center is also launching a national identity competition, during which questions will be asked in this regard.


One of the Centre’s competitions is the Science Innovation Competition, in which a question is asked every week. The Centre also organizes a workshop to encourage young people to marry on the next 9 August. In addition to a series of workshops and initiatives, including the “Stations in Qatar’s Ancient and Contemporary History” initiative, which will be extended over a period of two full months, After that, the “summits” initiative, a workshop for self-esteem and self-confidence, a workshop for affiliation and loyalty, and a workshop for young reporters, which is organized by the center in cooperation with “First Step”, the first family sports center, where students are trained to transmit live news from sports events in the center.


This workshop will be presented on Tuesday virtually. The Doha Girls Center is also organizing the Katara competition, sponsored by Katara Hospitality, which is an advanced level competition for marketing advertising photography during the month of August. Among the center’s specialized workshops, a press release editing workshop will be organized on July 14, which will be broadcasted via virtual reality techniques to the website of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Doha Youth Center

The Doha Youth Centre has begun to implement its approved summer activities plan, and this year’s plan is in line with the State’s precautionary measures to curb the spread of the corona virus as activities and programs will be provided through video communication platforms in order to achieve the social divergence recommended by the competent health authorities.


The Centre offers a series of workshops aimed at the development youth and promoting their capabilities. Some of these workshops have been launched since the beginning of June and have been aimed at self-development. Where the first workshop was entitled How Successful People Think, followed by a workshop entitled The Right Image according to the Rules of Composition, and then the Center presented a workshop entitled Anticipating Change and Adapting to Stress, Creativity and Thinking Outside the Box, The technical rules of Islamic decoration and a workshop for self-discovery and development and dealing with electronic bullying.


The Centre is expected to organize a workshop next week entitled “Professional Photoshop”, and then a workshop on the basics of video shooting with mobile phones.