Yesterday, Monday, June 21, 2021, elections of Sumaisma Youth Center were launched to nominate the chairman and vice-chairman. Mr. Nawaf Mohammad Al-Madahka won the position of the chairman after obtaining 172 votes and Mr. Issa Nasser Al-Hamidi won the position of the vice-chairman after obtaining 176 votes.


Elections were conducted online through “Teams” application according to instructions and directives of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Elections of the chairmanship of Sumaisma and Al Daayen Youth Center were launched within the framework of the Ministry’s strategy that aims at empowering and supporting Qatari youth by assuming leadership positions in youth centers to be active and involved in formulating strategies and plans that help them achieve their goals and ambitions in the field of youth work.


Elections are considered a positive step that contributes to educating young people about the role and importance of elections in addition to providing opportunity for young people to choose their representatives in managing these centers especially after the Ministry of Culture and Sports paid attention to youth and its work according to its plan to lead the youth centers by youth.


Sumaisma Youth Center is considered one of the youth centers that cares for youth and holds a number of youth activities and events continuously. It also achieved many achievements during the past years due to activities and events it offers and that suit the targeted age groups and members of the center.


Participants in Sumaisma and Al-Daayen youth center elections confirmed that they found great facilities by using “Teams” program for the purpose of elections and selection of candidates. They were able to sign in within electronic links sent to them by the center.


The committee had approved the quorum of the general assembly within the “Teams” application where voting took place after the availability of the quorum.


Recently, the Ministry has adopted the approach of election instead of appointment as a step towards empowering Qatari youth who have proven their high efficiency and ability to manage institutions in the country considering them a partner and important part in achieving goals and plans of the State. Activating general assemblies in youth centers is a real opportunity for democratic practice that saves the opportunity for young men and women to participate, express their opinion and claim their rights as this contributes to raising their level of awareness and sense of social responsibility.


Conditions set by the Ministry to join the general assembly stipulated in the articles of association include that the candidate should be of Qatari nationality, be at least 18 years old and of good conduct and have not been convicted of a crime violating honor or honesty and have not been dismissed previously from any youth center and he should adhere to rules and regulations.


As about conditions for candidacy for the positions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman, they include that the candidate should be a member of the General Assembly and of Qatari nationality and he should be between the age of 21 and 39 years old and he should enjoy good conduct.