The Ministry of Culture, represented by the Qatari Authors’ Forum, held a special session on the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialog and Development, an international celebration, which was approved by the United Nations since 2001. A large group of writers and authors from different parts of the world took part in the event “Remotely” and highlighted the relationship between cultural diversity and literature. Sudanese writer and Arab literature representative in Austria, Dr. Ishraqa Mustafa, reviewed her experience in benefiting from cultural diversity in her literary career. She confirmed that the multiplicity of identities is in fact one universal identity, as she participated in many events, activities and dialogs, in order to benefit from the various international literary experiences to break down barriers and narrow the cultural gap in those countries. Sami Kamal El-Din, an Egyptian writer and media professional residing in Turkey, said cultural diversity is a natural and healthy phenomenon for societies and has a great impact on all aspects of life. He cited some Egyptian writers who benefited from their experiences and cultural diversity, whether in their home country or through travel and immigration. Dr. Aladdin Al Rashi, director of the Educational Center for Human Rights in Germany, said, Diversity or multiculturalism is a healthy condition that means society lives in safety, while Dr. Abdelkader Lahoumani of the Kingdom of Morocco explained that the Moroccan identity is based on a very rich cultural diversity, based on belonging to a distinct geographical location

Algerian researcher Dr. Al-Tayeb Sayed spoke about Algeria’s contribution to strengthening the components of cultural diversity through international events. Dr. Aydan said, all human beings share human feelings, fears, hopes and goals. Cultural diversity is much more than tolerance and understanding of differences. It is, in fact, respect for people who do not feel that we accept differences.
Iraqi historian and critic Sabah Muhsin Al-Kadhim said, Culture creates beauty and cultural enlightenment through a culture of coexistence between faiths, and all components. He said the state of Iraq has always been rich in diversity since the time of the Sumerians until the era of freedom, which contributed to the intellectual and knowledge wealth.
The session concluded with Professor Mariam Yassin Al-Hammadi, General Director of the Qatari Authors Forum, Director of the Department of Culture and Arts, who confirmed that literature is the critic of customs, traditions, heritage and ideas, and is the first messenger to get to know wrestling and build bridges of dialog and understanding, and called for more efforts to strengthen this dialog.