A symposium on “Poetry and Values” was held as part of the activities of Darb Al Saai. The poets Lahdan Al-Kubaisi, a member of the Studies Committee at the Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al-Arab”, Ali Al-Masoudi and Mahmoud Al-Zaybak participated in it. It was presented by the journalist Atta Mohammad. The symposium oriented the audience about the importance of poetry and values. Besides, the participants in the symposium paused when it was introduced. They also dealt with the different meanings of the value, since value is one of the complex issues, which calls for several seminars to get acquainted with its multiple definitions and meanings.

For his part, the poet Lahdan Al-Kubaisi dealt with the definition of the value, as well as the definition of poetry, and highlighted the different forms of value, including spiritual, national and individual values.

While stopping at the definitions of value, he said that: One of these definitions is that it is a set of moral ideas and general concepts, and that it is a term that carries what is right and good for people, and that for them it is a safety valve from falling into what might destroy them.

The poet Lahdan Al-Kubaisi also dealt with the different definitions of poetry, whether from Arabs or Western definitions, and concluded with the best definitions of poetry that it is a good speech, and its ugliness is ugly, and that it is the balance of the people, as Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, May God be pleased with him, said. He also dealt with a Western definition of poets that they are the legislators of the world, and they were not recognized, in reference to the extent of the great influence that poets enjoy.

The poet Lahdan Al-Kubaisi evoked many meanings that reflect the importance of poetry and its role in society. Citing what Harun al-Rashid ordered his son and that he should adhere to the poetry of “Abu al-Atahiya”, because of the wisdom it contains, the call to good work, and the good morals it contains, “and all of this reflects the importance of poetry and the extent of its influence.”

He was also exposed to the danger of employing poetry in a negative way, which may cause harm to society, and pointed out in his answer to the questions of one of the attendees, that the author of poetry does not necessarily have to be a man, as there are women who compose poetry, which refutes the saying that poetry is limited to men, without women.

The poet Ali Al-Masoudi began his intervention by stressing that the topic and title of the symposium is very attractive and important, and reflects the keenness of Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al-Arab” to move towards this direction in poetry, in order to promote noble values ​​in the souls, and to be part of true education.

He dealt with the moral values ​​buried in the poems of the founder, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani, May God rest his soul, as they indicate pride, strength, and harmony between the supporters and the establishment of the state. He also dealt with the religious value reference as a reference for morals, and the values ​​upon which the poet must build his thoughts.

The poet Ali Al-Masoudi touched on the role of the poet in society, by establishing values ​​and ideas, and that he must uphold their responsibility, as well as his role in spreading awareness among this generation, so that he is aware that he has a major role in society, and stressed that values ​​should focus on a reference so that every poet or writer does not establish a value on his own.

As for the poet and journalist Mahmoud Al-Zaybak, his intervention revolved around the impact of civilization and language on the culture and structure of society, and the importance of language as a vessel for civilization. He also dealt with the importance of literature, including poetry, in highlighting the values ​​and culture of society.

He cited some meanings that indicate that vocabulary can have an impact on our societies. It stopped at the most prominent differences between the Arab and Western civilizations, and the characteristics and features of the Arab civilization, as well as what the Arabs have achieved in many aspects over the owners of other nations.

For his part, the journalist Atta Mohammad emphasized that values ​​are among the most important pillars on which societies are built. “Social values ​​are the characteristics or qualities that are beloved by the members of a society, which are determined by its culture, such as tolerance, charity, and others, and there are many ways to enhance and build them, pointing out that moral values since pre-Islamic poetry are among the most important foundations upon which Arab poets relied in their poems, such as the concept of generosity, which is rooted in the Arabs, lineage, genealogy, honesty, courage, daring, protection of homelands and clan, and other moral values ​​that poets glorified, describing the association of poetry with values ​​as “great and needs a series of seminars”, stressing the importance of religious motivation in building any commitment Values, especially moral, based on the saying of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, “I was sent to complete the noble morals.”