Yesterday evening, the Brazilian Football Fans Association visited Darb Al Saai headquarters, and they learned about aspects of Qatari culture and heritage. During the visit, they toured the activities starting with the homestead (Izbah) event. They also experienced camel riding, and expressed their admiration for the National Day activities in Darb Al Saai.
Fernando Pontes, the leader of the Brazilian fans, said that: “Darb Al Saai is a very wonderful place and we are happy to be here. We have seen the hospitality since we arrived at the celebration square, and this visit is a unique opportunity to enhance the exchange of cultures between the Qatari and Brazilian people. We got to know the nature of life of the people of Qatar in the past and the professions in which they worked, as well as we experienced camel riding and drank Arabic coffee in the traditional tents, “the House of Hair”, and the truth of this atmosphere is very wonderful.
About his opinion as a leader of the Brazilian fans in Qatar hosting the World Cup and his experience in visiting Darb Al Saai, he said: Before my visit to Qatar, I did not expect this huge amount of welcome and hospitality, as well as the wonderful organization of everything. The Qataris took care of every detail, no matter how small. We really feel As if we are at home.
He added: I would like to express my great admiration for the diversity that we live in Qatar, as Qatar has built the most luxurious stadiums and sports facilities and provided the best roads and means of transportation, and at the same time it has not overlooked its past, heritage and culture. The place we are visiting today, Darb Al Saai, is the best witness to Qatar’s vision of reviving history and preserving Qatari traditions and customs, in parallel with the renaissance it is witnessing in various fields.
Paulo Machado praised Darb Al Saai activities that highlight the Qatari heritage, pointing out that he enjoyed a lot during his stay at the Darb Al Saai site, as he tried camel riding, describing it as enjoyable.
He added that the State of Qatar presented a distinguished version of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and was able to communicate its culture to the peoples of the world through the World Cup that is being held on its lands today.
He explained that he was visiting Darb Al Saai for the first time, during which he got to know the Qatari customs and traditions, which are clear and proud of the Qatari people, who imposed their respect on the peoples of the world for preserving their identity and culture.
Olympio said: He loved Darb Al Saai very much, especially since it is a place that refers to the ancient Qatari heritage and Qatari culture, indicating that the reception was wonderful on the part of those in charge of the place, and that he and his friends enjoyed being in Darb Al Saai.
Olympio added by saying that for the first time he sees this atmosphere, and for him it is a new, very wonderful and special experience, and he will accompany his family and come again to Qatar.
Fernando said that he will never forget Qatar nor such wonderful places when he returns to Brazil.
For his part, Fernando said: Darb Al Saai is wonderful with everything in it, as it collects many ancient things that refer to the history of the State of Qatar, and this is good for us because it introduces us to the history of the country organizing the World Cup, indicating that he spent very happy moments in Darb Al Saai while riding camels and drinking Arabic coffee and eating dates.
For her part, Daniela said that it was the first time for her to visit a place like Darb Al Saai, and she found interesting and wonderful things in it and took many pictures in it that will remain in her memory from her trips to Qatar, stressing that Qatar is a beautiful country and it has many wonderful places and for her it was an experience Fun to attend the World Cup in Qatar.