Two workshops were held in the Children’s Theater area in Darb Al Saai, the first was a workshop for making butterfly dolls. In it, children were taught how to move a butterfly’s wing with a simple mechanism. It is made from very simple things in homes such as paper and a wooden or plastic stick. In a specific way, we teach them how to move these dolls that takes the shape of a butterfly.

Sama Daher, a manufacturer and puppeteer at the Center for Theater Affairs, who is in charge of the workshops, said: We help children make puppets and paint them with the colors of butterflies, as it is known that butterflies are one of the things that children love, and they always prefer to play with them and love their different colors.

She added that the second workshop was the manufacture of finger puppets, during which the children were taught how to make puppets in the shape of a rabbit and move those puppets, explaining that the rabbit is also one of the beloved animals among children and therefore we have witnessed a turnout from children and their families to the workshop, explaining that this type of workshop stimulates the imagination of children and at the same time, occupy their free time with useful mental things away from staying for long periods in front of electronic devices, which usually have a negative effect on children.

Sama Daher added that the children and their families spend fun times while they are in the doll-making workshops because we live them in a fun atmosphere that suits their age.