The day before yesterday in the evening, Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club organized a workshop entitled ” The Culture of Healthy Balance between Nutrition and Sports”, in which Coach/ Khalid Al-Amari gave a lecture to a large number of men and women who are interested in such subject. The workshop had four themes, including the main parts of a workout session; common mistakes in exercising; nutrition: starting from home to the gym and sports and nutrition myths. Coach Khalid explained every theme in an elaborate manner, using dialogue as a teaching method and engaging the audience in interactions, which contributed to the liveliness of the workshop, resulting in benefit for all attendees, especially as he did not rely on theory, he rather adopted a practical approach to the topic and provided examples through a video presentation. The workshop aimed to provide cultural, scientific and practical advice that would come in handy to achieve a healthy balance and to warn against wrong customs prevailing in society.
At the end of the workshop, Attendance Certificates were given to participants and as the event concluded, Mr. Mohammed Nasser Al Obaidan, the Club’s Secretary-General, honored the coach by presenting him with a Certificate of appreciation.
Mr. Khalid Al-Amari is an awarded coach in sports and athletic rehabilitation. He is also certified in sports nutrition and management. He has a Certificate of Completion from the Qatar Olympic Academy for completing a workshop entitled ” Physical Fitness in Different Games”. Additionally, he has a Certificate of Participation in “Psychological Preparation for Athletes” and another in “Sports Activity Motivations”, both from the Qatar Olympic Academy.