The Dana Centre for Girls of the Ministry of Culture and Sports held a workshop entitled “Project Ideas Development” via the Zoom application, presented by Professor Abdullah Al-Khanji, Business Development Coach. The workshop targeted girls aged 12 and above. The workshop aimed to educate and prepare participants with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain investments to support their projects and initiatives, demonstrate the important role of small enterprises that contribute to driving the national economy, and guide them to supporting entrepreneurs.


Furthermore, the workshop discussed plenty of axis which included a summary about the works and its importance that is with the aim of crystalizing the idea of the product and the different parts of which it is consisted. such as the value provided to the channels of reaching customers, the cost structure of the project and the willingness to meet investors from several aspects, such as preparing the investment offer and preparing investor questions.


He applauded the girls` response and interest with the content of the workshop which was widely accepted by the participants, noting that these courses give girls comprehensive awareness of how to present insights and ideas to different projects.