Friends of the Environment Center (FEC) has pursued summer activities remotely, and it is scheduled to continue until 13th August 2020. It provided a series of male and female student-centered workshops and activities, including a remote workshop on home gardening under the title “I Plant my Home”.  It touched on various themes, farming and the methods of planting home gardens. Furthermore, a workshop on how to prepare healthy food and its importance for the body was presented.  Upon finalizing these workshops, certificates and valuable prizes were granted to all participants. In this regard, Mubarak Al-Dosari, Director of Programs and Activities at FEC, declared that this programme is developed with the aim of building students’ balanced personalities in light of the Islamic faith, identifying and developing their own capabilities and skills in different activities (artistic-cultural-social), helping them in acquiring new talents and showing these talents during summer activities. Moreover, it aims to increase students’ awareness of the significance of summer activities and training students to participate in them in an active manner so that they have a considerable level of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-reliance.