Under auspices of the Youth Affairs Department of Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Social Cultural Committee at Al Khor Sports Club organized a workshop entitled “Basics of the Python Language” presented by Engineer Musab Fattah via Zoom Application. The workshop included various topics including defining the Python language, mechanism of installing the program, characteristics of the language and how to make Python and dealing with symbolic lines.


These topics are explained within two days with the participation of a number of interested parties. Engineer Musab said that the Python language is characterized by its simplicity of writing and reading, easy to learn, uses object-oriented programming, open source and scalable.


Python language is an interpretive and multi-purpose language that is widely used in many fields such as developing independent programs using the well-known graphical interfaces and making web programs in addition to its use as a scripting language to control the performance of the most famous programs or to build ancillary programs of these programs.


In general, Python language can be used to program simple programs for beginners.


On his part, Ghanem Abdullah Al Mohannadi, supervisor of youth and community activities in the club said, “This workshop comes within a series of courses offered by the club to the society to learn different computer languages.”