A workshop entitled “Basic Practices in the Art of Acting” was launched yesterday at Qatar National Theater by the Theater Affairs Center of the Ministry of Culture. The workshop will last for a month; on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Led by Rawan Hillawi, it is offered to college and university students in particular; as one of a series of arts workshops that the Center had announced to offer during the upcoming period in various theatrical fields, including: playwriting, acting, and other fields.

On a different field, the Theater Affairs Center is currently digitizing the Qatari theatrical archive produced since 1970 until today, with the aim of serving researchers and those interested in theatrical arts from Qatar and abroad. This project will also make the texts of plays available for readers. Fifty percent of the archiving work has been done so far; in addition to archiving the works of local theater groups. The Center, moreover, is currently working on creating a Qatari theater platform and application which will be available on devices and smartphones so that the readers can, through the application, view the history of Qatari theater and watch old plays that have been digitized, as well as booking tickets to attend new plays. The Center, also, is working on a new project; a dedicated “Broadcast” on Qatari icons in the theatrical fields.