The Visual Arts Centre affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Sports is presenting today a workshop in the art of drawing for the artist Muammar Tazi, at exactly eight o’clock. The workshop will take place through live broadcast on the Centre’s YouTube channel. It will be resumed over four episodes at the rate of one episode every two weeks. At the same time, workshops that had previously been announced by the Visual Arts Centre will continue after the Eid. Followers of the Visual Arts Centre could in the week following the Eid join the Arabic Calligraphy Workshop of calligrapher Yusef Hassan, which will be on Monday, first of June. Meanwhile, the print engraving workshop of artist Wissam Mahmoud Radwan will be held on Thursday, June 4th.  Each workshop will continue every two weeks. Last Monday, the Centre presented a workshop on porcelain art for the artist, Wasfi Al-Hadidi, the Centre’s ceramics department supervisor, during which he spoke about the most important techniques of porcelain art and the different ways of forming clay, while trying to provide those attending the workshop with different skills for making ceramic works.