“Qalam Hebr” platform in cooperation with Al Khor Girls Center is organizing a practical training workshop entitled “The Basics of Writing a Novel” presented by the writer Kamam Al-Maadeed and under the supervision of the trainer Maha Freija.

The girls workshop will be held within the Zoom Platform on June 23 at 7:30 PM. This workshop is within the framework of activities of “Between the Outskirts of the Novel” program which includes workshops, cultural magazines, competitions and various events that their main aim is to provide girls with the basics of writing a novel and develop the skills necessary to write a novel by hosting female trainers specialized in this field as they provide these workshops and engage in dialogues with the trainees.


At the same time, it saves the opportunity for its affiliates to benefit from these experiences hoping that this will be the first step on their way to publish the first book and become one day high literary figures. “Qalam Hebr” initiatives aim at enriching the cultural community and increasing literary integration by promoting the concept of creative writing as the company is based on the principle of approaching and reaching segments of the society in appropriate ways in an effort to identify talents and enhance skills to increase the promising intellectual and artistic production in line with the vision of the State of Qatar 2030 towards building a knowledge-based society.


“Qalam Hebr Company for creative writing” is characterized by organizing creative writing platforms that allow interaction regarding creative writing and discussion sessions that accompany it as well as workshops, recreational and educational sessions as well as other distinguished events.