“Women’s Seminars” kicked off at the Doha Girls’ Centre affiliated to Ministry of Culture and Sports. These are live youth dialogue meetings held with inspirational personalities organized periodically through the Centre’s digital platforms on the social media. Through these seminars best practices are presented and the most important topics related to young women are discussed as well as their aspirations and the challenges they meet. The seminars aim  to come up with practical solutions, innovative ideas and effective policies in relation to these matters. It is also worth noting that “Women’s Seminars” is a dialogue platform that allows young women to express their views and impressions about their aspirations and challenges, and to participate collectively in positive impact. Each seminar deals with a topic. Accordingly, solutions and ideas are suggested through practical discussions and recommendations. Among the most prominent personalities interviewed are Dr. Buthaina Al-Ansari, Iman Al-Tamimi, Sheikha Al-Marri, Khadija Bou Halika, and Rawda Al-Qubaisi.