The activities of the cultural salon accompanying Doha International Book Fair witnessed a viewing session on the book Philosophy of Right by Professor Dr. Mohammad Suleiman Al-Ahmad, in which the dialogue was moderated by Dr. Abdel-Haq Belabed.

Dr. Al-Ahmad said that the book Philosophy of Right is the result of a series of lectures he delivered to doctoral students at the College of Law at the University of Sulaymaniyah over a period of nearly three academic years. It took nearly four intermittent years to prepare the book, where he found that the problems related to the value of the right in the law are three, represented in existence, definition, and whether the value of the right is absolute or relative, which are problems equivalent to the major investigations of philosophy, according to him.

Dr. Al-Ahmad added by saying that: “From here I wanted through this book to divide my discourse on the truth from the philosophical angle into three chapters, which are the truth in the balance of existence, the truth in the balance of knowledge, and the truth in the balance of the investigations of the absolute values ​​of philosophy.”

He explains that there are those who denied the idea of ​​the right in the scale of existence and replaced it with the idea of ​​duty and those who replaced it with the idea of ​​a legal status. In addition, he tried through this book and in the first chapter to defend the idea of ​​the existence of the right on the grounds that it is the value characteristic of the legal rule and what distinguishes it is that its essence lies in the idea of ​​right and thus he responded. on these allegations.

Dr. Al-Ahmad added that: “Then, I turned to the subject of essence, and I defined the identity of the right through the many theories of defining the right, but I tried to put a philosophical definition of the right related to the individual’s entity. I defined the right as the value of the individual’s entity in society, then I dealt with defining the area of ​​the right by distinguishing it from Other matters such as freedom, license … etc., then. I moved to the most difficult chapter, which is the chapter on values investigations, which is whether the right is an absolute value or a relative value, and there are many issues related to this aspect.

Dr. Al-Ahmad said that the book of the Philosophy of Truth in relation to scientific, discussion and analytical matters is for the elite and specialists in this field, but in many matters of entry, it may also be for the general public.