The Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, organized a seminar entitled “The Importance of Family Building in Islam” as part of the activities of Ramadan Book Fair, which is currently being held at the Darb Al-Saai headquarters in Umm Salal.

The preacher Sheikh Mowafi Azab and the preacher Dr. Sakhr Al-Ghazali spoke during the symposium, while it was attended by a large number of the audience of Ramadan Book Fair.

Sheikh Muwafi Azab highlighted at the beginning that the human path since the creation of Adam, peace be upon him, was concerned with family building, so God created Adam and created a mate of his sex to dwell with her and be a helper for him over the challenges of life on earth, citing the words of God Almighty, “is He who created you from one soul and created from it its mate that he might dwell in security with her. And when he covers her, she carries a light burden and continues therein. And when it becomes heavy, they both invoke Allah, their Lord, “If You should give us a good [child], we will surely be among the grateful.” Surah Al-A’raf (189).

He said, “Islam has paid attention to married life, which is considered a social institution and the first building block of society, to continue the process of reconstructing the universe, as the Qur’an also paid attention to this issue. One side without the other, as the surah talks about things that have been digested throughout history from the misconceptions of the role of women, so Islam honored women.

Sheikh Muwafi also referred to Surat Al-Talaq, which is called Surat Al-Nisa’ Al-Sughra, as it clarified the legislative provisions that regulate the family during its existence, as well as after the separation of the spouses. The surah instructed both spouses to be kind to each other, so either they should be kept kindly or let go with benevolence, so neither of them should oppress the other.

He pointed out that the statement of the Qur’an was clear in laying foundations and criteria, starting with the connection, its premises, and its end with the offspring that performs the function for which God created Adam in His saying, Glory be to Him, “And when your Lord said to the angels, I am making a successor on the earth.”

Sheikh Muwafi Azab also spoke about the Sunnah of the Prophet and caring for the family, as the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, was a role model in his family life.

During his speech, he clarified the most important challenges facing the Muslim family, such as imposing some values that contradict the teachings of our religion, praising at the same time that the Muslim community, when it adheres to its values, proves to the whole world the true image of Islam.

In this context, he referred to what appeared in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, where the cohesion of society with all its components was evident, and it was the most eloquent response to the allegations of some Westerners and ignorant people against Islam. For his part, Dr. Sakhr Al -Ghazali said: God made the family a verse of his verses, and as God Almighty said, “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect.

He added by saying that: After that came the laws that preserve the family entity, so the Qur’an established the basic component of the family, male and female, and the roles of men and women were defined, and criteria for choosing a husband as well as a wife were set as stated in the authentic hadiths, just as the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, was a practical example in dealing with The people of his household. Al-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah narrated on the authority of Aisha, may God be pleased with her, that she said, “The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said.. The best of you is the best to his family, and I am the best of you to my family.”

Dr. Al-Ghazali stressed that if the family is based on these standards, then it provides the children with an educational incubator, which contributes greatly to their prevention of delinquency, as many scientific studies link between family dysfunction and crime, stressing that Islam laid the foundations for building that protects society with all its members and components.