The Libraries Department at the Ministry of Culture organized a scientific symposium on the occasion of the Arabic Manuscript Day which meets the fourth of April every year as part of the cultural events accompanying the Ramadan Book Fair which is currently being held in Darb Al-Saai, Umm Salal.

The symposium, which was titled “Ethics of Science and Arts of Demand,” which is the same logo chosen by the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) for this year, emphasized the importance of manuscripts in which Arab countries abound, in an effort to spread Arab heritage awareness and define the efforts of Arab civilization. The symposium also affirmed the importance of science, its implementation and its translation into a practical movement that contributes to the realization of the nation’s renaissance.

Dr. Adel Fathi Riad, Professor at Qatar University and Dr. Ramadan Khamis, the Professor at Qatar University, spoke during the symposium and it was moderated by Dr. Khalid Al-Halabi, President of the Arab Institution of Knowledge Management.

Dr. Adel Fathi Riyad addressed the concept of science and its importance and patience with the hardships of acquiring it, citing many examples, whether from the era of the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them or from the era of the followers reminding the audience of many positions that reflect the passion of Muslim scholars throughout history for science, their adherence to it and its dissemination among people reflecting their awareness of the value of science and the value of books.

He addressed in detail the value of science and its impact on the renaissance of societies, calling for the necessity of passion for reading, saying that the book is the friend that does not fail man.

For his part, Dr. Ramadan Khamis talked about honesty in seeking knowledge, stressing that the scholars whom Allah Almighty mentioned in many verses of the Holy Qur’an are not only intended for specialists in legal sciences but also for scholars in various fields.

Also, he said that Allah Almighty honoured the nation as a nation of knowledge and knowledge communication, which necessitates us to be the owners of a true message and move on the ground of reality and to move from awareness to striving and movement stressing that knowledge without work alone does not establish a nation nor does it create a civilization.

He explained that true knowledge is the fear of Allah Almighty and that there is a wide gap between the generation of reality and the generation of imagination, pointing out that the book is the friend and the helper that helps those on the path to Allah Almighty.