Qatari inventors achieved a new achievement on behalf of the State of Qatar by receiving five medals during their participation in the Inventors Expo 2021, which was held virtually in Geneva.


Inventors Adnan Al-Ramazani Al-Nuaimi and Muhammad Al-Jufairi won two gold medals, while inventors Khaled Al-Ansari, Eman Al-Hamad and Muhammad Al-Faraj won 3 silver medals.


Participation in the exhibition requires the participant to be certified by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations as an inventor and patent and to provide an explanation in English of the invention and its modus operandi (and the way it works.)


In statements to “Al-Arab,” winners considered winning gold and silver medals to be an “achievement” in the name of Qatar, reflecting the great development of inventors in the State.


The inventor Dr. Adnan Ramazani Al- Nuaimi, Senior Adviser to the President of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations of Middle Eastern and Arab States, said that the participation was supported by the International Federation and involved more than 650 inventors from all countries of the world, assuring that the participating inventors from Qatar gave an honorable performance during the exhibition.


Al- Nuaimi added that he won the gold medal by participating in his invention of a device that produces water from suspended moisture in the air, which produces more than 12,000 liters of water and 180,000 cubic meters of cold air in 24 hours.


He stressed that his invention had previously won 170 international prizes from various countries of the world, explaining that before the Corona pandemic, he was participating in more than 15 exhibitions annually.


Naimi explained that the device had been produced within Qatar for experiments and was still constantly being developed to improve the water production rate. In addition, he stressed that a year earlier he had been working on another invention to produce electricity without using petroleum materials with a power of 300 kilowatts to supply 3 Powered villas.


And about his next participation, he said that he would seek to support the invention exhibition to be held in Doha, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Scientific Club in November, with the support of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) and the Scientific Intellectual Property Organization, in which some 100 countries participated.


Al Nuaimi called on young inventors to prepare and be prepared to participate in this exhibition in order to exchange experiences and acquire new skills from international inventors.


For her part, engineering innovator Iman Hamad, who received the silver medal at the exhibition, said: She participated in the exhibition with the invention “fraud detection system in communications”,, expressing her great happiness with this achievement, which is considered to be an add to the total achievements made by this device.


Al-Hamad added that her invention will greatly contribute to solving a serious problem that the world suffers daily, which is the problem of fraud that occurs through communications and text messages.


On her supporters during the exhibition, he stressed that the science club had made a clear contribution to supporting all the country inventors involved in administrative and financial terms, as well as to the great credit of Dr. Adnan Al-Ramazani through his support in obtaining membership in the Inventors Union.


She commended and praised the great role played by the Qatari Scientific Club in supporting Qatari inventors and its belief in Qatari youth thinking, giving its fellow inventors the achievement they had achieved on behalf of the State of Qatar, reflecting the rapid growth of the inventors in the State and their outstanding achievements at the local and global levels.