The “State Award for Children’s Literature” stated at its eighth edition that a ceremony will be announced soon to honor the award winners. This is to be done through the official pages of the Award on social media. The Award made it clear through its official account on “Twitter” that “due to the many works involved in the Award and inquiries that we receive about the date of announcing the results, the arbitration process has reached its final stages. Date pf the award ceremony will be announced soon, and through our official pages.” In response to questions by followers of the Award’s account on “Twitter” about whether the winners have been contacted, the Award stated that the results have not been announced yet, and thus the winners have not been contacted, “and the works are still in the final judging stage.” According to the statistics of the Award in its eighth edition for the year 2019, the total contributions have amounted to nearly 549. These are considered as the highest number of contributions compared to the previous editions of the Award. The third edition received up to 182 contributions, while the total number of contributions in the fourth edition was 153, 86 contributions in the fifth editions, while the number of contributions in the sixth edition reached 116, at the time that contributions in the seventh edition reached 161, while statistics for the first and second editions are not available. The contribution of the eighth edition of the Award varied from several Arab and foreign countries, as it included 33 countries from different continents of the world, distributed among the five award domains. The number of contributions in the field of the children’s songs exceeded 16 as the same number in literal studies. In the field of theatrical texts there are about 138 contributions and 102 poetic works. In the field of story and novel, the number of contributions in the novel have reached about 154, while in the story there are 123 contributions, bringing the total number of contributions in this field to 277. The number of registrants in the eighth edition has reached about 700, of whom only about 632 registered for the Award as a result of excluding about 83 registrants for not completing the conditions set by the Award Trustees Committee. Reading through the contributions to the Award during its current edition, it seems that the largest number of contributions in the areas covered by the Award are those in the field of the novel, reflecting that this is the field in which most authors are interested. Furthermore, diversity of contributions from different continents of the world reflect the extent of credibility gained by the Award being directed to Arab authors, whether in the Arab countries, or in different diaspora countries. In this context, the Award stipulated that the candidate must be a writer or literary author from citizens or Arabs concerned with children’s literature and arts, and it permitted the scientific and cultural authorities to nominate names to obtain the Award. The Award also allowed writers and authors to nominate themselves through the Trustees Committee directly, and that the request for nomination for the Award be in only one work in one of the declared fields. The total amount of the State Award for Children’s Literature is one million riyals, distributed among the five areas of the Award which means that in each of the declared fields, the winner is awarded a cash prize of 200,000 riyals.