The Visual Arts Centre affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports announced yesterday results of the “From Every Home, a Drawing- 2” competition. This is a competition that is dedicated to plastic art lovers from the general public aiming to highlight the role of art in times of crisis. The competition highlights that art in such times is significant in raising awareness and the community’s consciousness, providing it with creative beneficial ideas to ponder upon during home stay. The competition is divided into 4 categories: over 25-year olds, 15 to 25-year-olds, 9 to 15-year-olds, and children under 9 years. Results were as follows: Edmund Samonth won first place in the 25-year-olds category. In Second place was Fatima Ahmad Al-Muftah and in third Beth Khan Muthabumal. In the 16-25 year-olds category, Nethin Matthew won first place, in second place was Ghafifa Musalman, and in third  Fida Ashraf Mohammed. As to the 9-15-year-old children category winners were 14-year-old Babitha Barmoada, 10-year-old Hamad Jassim Al-Dahshan, and lastly 11-year-old Miroslava Shiroka. In the less-than-9-years category, 6-years-old Aisha bint Rashid won first place, while Siham Abdul Rahman, 7 won second place, and in third place came 8-year-old Laura Ibrahim. Organizers were keen to make the competition available to the largest segment of society and to enhance awareness among the lesser age groups by giving them incentive prizes. A significant aim of the competition is to invest that period to spread art and pave the way for all to produce creative ideas in practicing art at home and to participate in the awareness campaign through art.
As for Artist Salman Al-Malik, director of the Centre, he renewed his call to all those who are talented to join the events and to continue practicing art online. He further explained in this context that the initiatives continuously made available by the Centre aim to motivate the talented to continue developing their talents. They also aim to attract the largest number of people to experience the creative process, and to continue to vie for attracting the public to follow and practice all that is visually impressive. Al-Malik expounded further that the Centre supervises the activities on a daily basis and interactively. He also noted that the platform is constantly receiving awareness-raising drawings, competitions, digital exhibitions, and educational events for art enthusiasts.