MCS Youth Hobbies Center announced winners of the “Infographic Video” contest launched by the Center with the aim of enhancing the role of youth in promoting awareness of the risks of Coronavirus. Contestant, Muhammad Samir Muhammad won the first place. Peter Reda Abdul Malik came at the second place and Mahdi Saidi won the third place.
The contest aims to achieve several goals, the most important of which are: to encourage youth to show off their hobbies during the period of home quarantine and use their time to participate in the cntests. Additionally, videos have become the modern-day language in the media at the current time and it reaches the largest possible segment of people. A group of outstanding talents that show off their hobbies in educating people about the risks of Coronavirus shined through the contest, with a range of works that provide guidance tips to fight against this pandemic.  The Center will post the winning works on its accounts on social media platforms.
Furthermore, the Center organizes today the third and final part of its 21st Ramadan Auction for Stamps and Coins. The session is scheduled at 09:00 p.m. via Zoom. It will be presented by Issa Al-Fakhro and Ahmed Gad under the supervision of Hussein Rajab Al-Ismail. Today’s session will witness the sale of 150 items, half of them are stamps and the other half are coins. Thus, the Center would sell 400 items over three rounds with the participation of a group of those interested in this hobby from different countries, who own rare pieces and are keen to participate.