President of Um-Salal Club, HE Sh. Hamad Bin Nasser Al Thani has announced that he will not rerun for the Club’s presidency in the upcoming 2020-2024 elections. He attributed that to personal matters and called on all to give their support to the top team and to the Club to continue its march.
Um-Salal’s President further stressed that although he is not running for the upcoming elections to be held on Aug. 31st, yet he does not intend to distance himself from but rather will continue to be supportive of the Club.
“I have great confidence,” he emphasized, “In all and particularly in our team’s players. Personal matters are compelling me not to be present in the elections but I put my full confidence in those who will take over. There are able figures who are undoubtfully capable of leading the Club in the upcoming period.” He further pointed out that he has made contact with a number of figures to be present in the Club’s presidency. He further stressed that his connection with the Club is not related to occupying any positions and that he will continue to be supportive of the team for the aim of achieving the Club’s ambitions in the near future.
He further pointed out that the club has passed through difficult circumstances during the last four years. However, this changed and now he is leaving the club while there is a budget surplus after all administrative problems have been solved and all debts paid. Currently, the club is in a better position.
HE President of the Club extended his thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Culture and Sports(MCS), the Football Federation, the Club’s GA members and all the Club’s fans and supporters for their support and standing by the club during the period in which he was president. He further pointed out that he has received several calls from the MCS and numerous officials requesting that he stays as president of the club. Unfortunately, the personal matters he is facing made him take this difficult decision.
The Um Salal club has set August 12th as the date for holding its OGA meeting. This meeting will witness the election of the president and his deputy for the new round of elections 2020-2024. Nominations has started last Sunday and will continue until the end of the official working hours on Tuesday, July 7th 2020.
Sh. Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani is the president of the club while HE Sh. Tamim bin Mohammed Al Thani is his deputy. It is expected that Sh. Hamad bin Nasser will be nominated for a new term of presidency, especially in light of the desire of all that he continues in that position.