The activities of the “Gargee’an Market,” organized by the Ministry of Culture, will continue in Darb AL Saai until next Sunday through many events that witness a remarkable public turnout, as a number of visitors praised the idea of the Gargee’an Market, which came at the right time and on an occasion that the Qatari community is preparing to celebrate, which is Gargee’an Night, which was revived on the middle night of the Holy Month of Ramadan.
A set of events will also be held in the Gargee’an Market, including the Gargee’an Competition, which is presented by the journalist Iman Al Kaabi, Director of Qatari Media Center, and Mr. Mohammed bin Nasser, in a heritage atmosphere that recalls the ancient past.
At first, Ali Al-Ghamdi from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said that he was keen to visit Gargee’an Market during his visit to the State of Qatar and he was impressed by the distinctive organization of the market and the activities that accompany it, noting that since he entered the market there was a good reception, especially since he was keen to take his family with him.
Al-Ghamdi added that the events held attract adults and children and create a wonderful heritage atmosphere, considering that Saudi and Qatari traditions are one and that such heritage events usually witness a turnout of visitors. For his part, Badr Al-Shammari said that the idea of holding a Gargee’an Market in Darb AL Saai for the first time is an excellent idea, considering that the activities accompanying the Gargee’an market are diverse and attractive for children. He said that he liked the old traditional dishes offered by the market shops, in addition to the old markets, as well as the competitions offered, which he believes create a distinctive atmosphere.
He pointed out that Gargee’an Market is a very suitable place for families during the nights of the Holy Month with all the special activities it includes, emphasizing that his children spent very happy periods inside Gargee’an Market. Badr demanded that Gargee’an Market be held every year and that it continues throughout the Holy Month with its distinctive atmosphere. Ghassan Al-Saadi from Yemen said that the atmosphere of the Gargee’an market is wonderful and the idea itself is distinctive and that a combined market for Gargee’an supplies and products has never been established in Qatar, noting that he was keen to take his family to the market in order to spend enjoyable times in a heritage atmosphere par excellence. Al-Saadi considered the market an opportunity for those wishing to purchase supplies for celebrating Gargee’an Night, especially since there is a diversity of products on offer.
Mishal Musaad, one of the children present with their families, said that the activities held in the Gargee’an Market are very special, especially the popular games and competitions, emphasizing that he spent great times in the market. Regarding the Gargee’an competition, journalist, Iman Al Kaabi said: We are happy to present the Gargee’an Market competition in Darb AL Saai, as Gargee’an is one of the special celebrations of the State of Qatar and the Gulf region, noting that the competition aims to revive Qatari heritage, especially this Ramadan custom beloved by children who move from house to another during this occasion for collecting sweets provided by their neighbours. She added that the Gargee’an celebration on the night of the middle of the month of Ramadan, although the celebrations often begin before this date, represents a tribute to the children who have reached the halfway point and fasted the first half of the month of Ramadan, perhaps for the first time in their lives, and it is a motivation and encouragement for them to continue fasting the second half of the month, thus the competition is part of the Gargee’an Market activity that contributes to reviving this heritage.
Iman Al Kaabi said that the competition targets all family members, both adults and children, as it is of a family nature through which we try to bring more joy and good atmosphere to the pioneers of Darb AL Saai on this occasion, noting the diversity of the topics and ideas of the competition, including Gargee’an as a heritage occasion, as well as questions and topics about the Holy Month of Ramadan, in a way that benefits everyone, emphasizing that the goal, eventually, is to create a family atmosphere and enhance the Qatari heritage in the hearts of young and old, which represents an essential part of the Qatari identity.
In turn, Mr. Mohammed bin Nasser described the competition as receiving a remarkable interaction from the crowd, which is crowded with the knowledge square in Darb AL Saai, and that it is directed to children and their families, as it is a community competition, avoiding the stereotypes followed in other competitions. He added: The aspects of the competition revolve around Gargee’an and all aspects related to it, whether in terms of traditional clothing or aspects of celebrating it and how to receive it, in addition to monitoring the societal customs and traditions followed during the celebration of Gargee’an.
Mr. Mohammed bin Nasser pointed out that the competition is distinguished by allocating cash prizes, in addition to its distinction in achieving interaction with the public, by asking simple questions that address various heritage aspects, the most important of which is related to Gargee’an, as previously mentioned.
He continued: From this standpoint, the competition is keen to enhance interaction and communication with the audience, which is considered the first star in this competition, in light of its keenness to participate in it from the first day, in addition to its keenness to be present in Darb AL Saai, since the launch of the “Gargee’an Market” activities, which reflects his keenness to revive that authentic Qatari heritage.