The efforts of the youth volunteers in Darb Al Saai received many expressions of praise from the visitors from the families, as the place was beautified from its first day by the spread of youth volunteers all over the place, as they provided an important addition to this huge community event, especially since the activities are full of many family visits, which requires work to intensify service facilities. With the expansion of the place and its being a new venue for the event, a number of young people affiliated with Qatar Center for Voluntary Work excelled and were dedicated to serving the visitors, and proved their capabilities in addressing that task that is held in conjunction with several occasions, as the celebration of the activities of the National Day and Qatar’s hosting of the largest global sporting event, and at the same time celebrate the International Volunteer Day, which falls on the 5th of December every year.


Regarding the role that volunteers play during Darb Al Saai activities this year, the general coordinator and supervisor of the volunteer team, Mohammed Khalifa Al-Kiyumi, explained that Qatar Center for Voluntary Work has provided 150 volunteers, divided into two shifts for a period of 24 days, and work has been done to train them on the most important skills of dealing with the public in addition to first aid. Besides, they were included in many civil defense workshops. Also, they have expressed their enthusiasm since the first day to carry out their national and community duty. He explained that they work during Darb Al Saai activities to guide visitors, receive them, and organize entry, indicating that they are spread throughout the place, even before the visitors enter the place, where there are those who guide them to the parking lots, and there are those who help families when entering the gates, and they also guide them to the places of events, and suggest to them the various programs that are available and bound in the place. They also contribute to the field organization of the events. The person in charge of the volunteers said: In addition to providing a huge number of services to the visitors of Darb Al Saai, they also achieve great benefit by obtaining real experiences based on contact with all segments of society. Qatar Voluntary Center is the permanent and integrated headquarters for incubating volunteer activities and works. It works in accordance with the vision and strategy of the Ministry of Culture, which contributes to establishing and strengthening the culture of volunteer work in society, defining its fields, goals and benefits, in addition to working to document its contributions to development through establishing partnerships to encourage work. volunteering among youth, voluntary initiatives, civil society institutions, academic institutions, the private sector, and the media to achieve constructive effectiveness that refines capacities and national and institutional cadres for volunteer work, as well as contributing to building a database of best practices in force at the regional and international levels and benefiting from them in design, including classification of volunteers according to their capabilities, experiences, skills, inclinations, and attitudes to employ the valuable heritage and Qatari social capital in promoting volunteer work, in addition to benefiting from research and studies related to volunteer work with the aim of employing and highlighting the energies and potentials of young people. Also, Qatar Voluntary Center encourages creative initiatives by overcoming Institutional, regulatory and legal obstacles.