Qatar Voluntary Center of the Ministry of Culture revealed its arrival to the full and required readiness before the launch of Doha International Book Fair, which is scheduled to start next Monday at Doha Fair Center until June 21, 2023, under the motto “Belqrea Nartaqe – By reading, we rise”, where a number of coaches expressed their happiness for what volunteers arrived under the framework of their preparations to participate in the organizational matters of the Fair, after the expiration of the training workshop period held at the Center’s headquarters entitled “Dealing with the Public”, and they made it clear that those wishing to volunteer have gone through several stages before they were selected including the interview process, where approximately 150 volunteers were chosen officially to serve the visitors of the Fair so far, the reserve team has been chosen from the 50 volunteers.

For his part, Mohamed Al-Kiyumi, one of the coaches of Qatar Voluntary Center, confirmed that the Center is preparing the volunteers in the new edition of Doha International Book Fair and he explained that the past period witnessed several stages during which 150 volunteers were chosen and they are ready to work within the team of the Book Fair, and he said: The volunteers performed the training during their training workshop on the art of dealing with the public in order to refine their skills and make them ready to volunteer, with the exploitation of all the capabilities they will possess during the Book Fair’s period and he said: The trainees have shown their enthusiasm from the first day to carry out their national and societal duty, pointing out that they will work during the Fair activities period on guiding and receiving the visitors and noted that the volunteer team is expected to pass the last practical training stage through a field visit to the Fair headquarters after completing its preparation one day before its opening, and during this day the required tasks will be distributed to the volunteers and divided them into field tasks and confirmed that Qatar Voluntary Center is the permanent and integrated headquarters to embrace activities and volunteer work works according to the vision and strategy of the Ministry of Culture. The coach, Jassim Al -Muhannadi, explained that the training workshops that were held for volunteers have resulted in good results, during which he talked about the art of dealing with the public in a way that embodies the spirit of cooperation and giving between volunteers and the public in order to provide the best services to the visitors of the Fair, noting that they will be spread across the place, there are volunteers who guide the families since entering the gates and they guide them to the places of events, and he said: In addition to their provision of a huge amount of services to the visitors of the Fair, they also achieve great benefit by obtaining real experiences based on friction with all groups of society, and expected that the volunteers will contribute greatly to the success of the many events that will be presented during the coming period.

In turn, the volunteers stressed during their joining the workshop held at Qatar Voluntary Center that they achieved a major benefit during their previous training period for their participation in the Book Fair, and they explained that the most prominent thing that was talked about during the workshop was based on effective communication topics and how to deal with the public where the answer to their inquiries and guidance during their tour in the Fair, especially since the Fair will be full of family visits, with which it requires work to intensify service facilities.

The selection process came after announcing the acceptance of a new batch of volunteers, as those wishing to participate registered through the Center’s website regarding volunteering at Doha Book Fair, and they numbered 800 people, and 200 of them were chosen. As for the selection criteria, it relied on the quality of the tasks chosen by the volunteer and the extent of the need for this type of task.