The efforts of youth volunteers at Expo 2023 were met with many expressions of praise by visitors from families, as the place was beautified by the spread of youth volunteers throughout the pavilion of the general secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, to provide an important addition to the huge community event, and therefore officials from the Qatar Volunteer Center confirmed in statements to Al Raya that they are working to involve more volunteers in other pavilions at Expo in the coming days, and stressed that they received intensive field training before the start of the events, which enabled them to perform their roles to the fullest, where the event was beneficial and benefited from at the same time, they noted that the young people have shone during their participation in the event, which was replete with family visits, with which work is required to intensify service facilities.

Moaid Al Qahtani, director of the Qatar Volunteer Center, confirmed that the center participates in Expo with a large number of volunteers who have been trained and qualified to manage such events, expressing his happiness to participate in this global event, and explained that the center’s participation comes within the agreement signed between the center and the general secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, through the involvement of a number of volunteers who have important roles and duties, the most prominent of which is to guide and receive the public in the pavilion of the general secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries. Regarding the benefits that will accrue to volunteers after their participation in this exhibition, Al Qahtani explained that volunteers have a very important role in such events by facilitating public access to the areas they want to visit, and cooperation with the public of different nationalities and languages, and He pointed out that the benefit is due to the volunteer in many ways, perhaps the most prominent examples of volunteers benefiting from the youth are the great experiences they receive in a practical way, so they enter into a framework of psychological readiness to enter their working life, where friction and direct interaction with the public. He explained that volunteers usually receive a certificate of participation that includes the number of working hours during their cooperation with the center on a voluntary basis, which confirms the development of their expertise, and how satisfied he was with what the volunteers have provided since the beginning of work with Expo, he expressed his satisfaction with the level at which they appeared during the events, stressing that the participants from the general secretariat also praised their efforts, and said that the pavilion of the general secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries witnessed participation from several Gulf countries, as it included volunteers from Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and pointed out that the center seeks to involve the largest number of volunteers from all Gulf Cooperation Council countries.