Doha Girls Center launched the Volunteer Ambassadors initiative, which aim to establish volunteering culture and societal giving. The Initiative included five supervisory members from female citizens. This team represents an interactive and representative platform for girls to express opinions on volunteering matters in Center, plans related to spreading the volunteering culture in Qatari society and effective contribution in supervision and cooperation in the Center’s activities
This was in line with the wise leadership guidelines to pay attention to youth sector by marketing the team and its achievements through a precise initiative in volunteering, flash messages to girls to raise awareness among them, and encourage them to engage in volunteer work, coinciding with celebrations on the occasion of the International Youth Day, on 12 of August each year.
The team will be responsible for proposing initiatives and practical ideas to achieve its goals and guarantee the participation and representation of young women in local, regional and international conferences and training programs, and the organization of initiatives to guide young women with respect to the policies and legislation related to volunteer work.