The Qatar Cultural Center for the Blind organized a workshop on “Voice Commentary Skills” presented by the journalist and theater director Salem Al-Jahoushi. During the workshop, several topics were shed light on, including the importance of voice, the concept and components of a beautiful voice, and the characteristics of voice and its impact on the recipient.

The lecturer confirmed the importance of the voice in influencing, persuading, and grooming, and what is based on using the voice wisely, and explained that paying attention to the skill of vocal performance makes a remarkable difference, whether on a personal, social, or professional level. He added that the tone of voice is of great importance in conveying the content of the message.

During the workshop, the attendees were also introduced to the places where text is cut and the places of stress in sentences, and were introduced to the components of sound and its focus mechanisms, and the ways that enable them to become aware of sound and adapt it to put it in the service of the content they want to convey to the recipient.