The Visual Arts Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is today launching its summer program until September 15. Through the program, the Centre aims to educate and encourage members of society to practice the visual arts and to discover, attract and nurture artistic talents to help bring them to the art scene.


The summer program includes the training of talents within the halls of the Centre through the launch of a package of technical training workshops characterized by diversity and excellence in the creative presentation of ideas by highly professional and professional specialists in the fields of painting, coloring, typography and ceramics.


The workshops will work at all capacity within the headquarters of the Centre in its “Aziziya-Katara” branches. The workshops seek to teach trainees the basics of each department, thereby contributing to the development of their potential, in order to achieve sustainable mobility and output consistent with the objectives of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in accordance with current circumstances.


Ms. Huda Al-yafei Director of the Centre for Visual Arts, announced that the summer program included various programs and technical courses, offering selected specialized trainers. “The Centre targeted all age groups between the ages of 14 and 39, through diversity in programs that suited all age groups and all segments of society.


She explained that the summer program includes a set of courses, including: the training course “Basics of oil painting” with the artist Moza Al-Miqbali, the “Basics of pencil drawing for beginners” course with the artist Fatima Al-Mannai, and “Artistic touches in visual arts” with the artist Issa Al-Malki, pointing to Presentation of the course “Dishes on the Wall” with the artist Wasfi Issa Al-Hadidi, “Islamic Ceramics” with the artist Sawsan Al-Shaar, and “Expressions” presented by the artist Wissam Mahmoud Radwan.


She added that the summer program would conclude with artist Hamad Al – Tawa in the “Anime Characters” course.


The emblem of the Summer 2021 program was designed by artist Abd Al-Aziz Yusuf, for the Qatari youth group, its different trends and interests. The elements of the design were used in their overlapping and sequences to reflect the State’s desire for development in all areas by supporting the youth group with all its tools and potential.


The rising trend of design confirms the desire for continuity of development and the development of youth skills, and the exploitation of diversity and difference in the ages of young people, to increase its durability, strength, cohesion and originality, and to emphasize the importance of the solidarity of all youth groups to build homelands and their development and the continuity of that development at their hands


The Summer 2021 program of the Center for the Visual Arts is full of artistic and creative courses for this season, and it is expected that the program will be well received by trainees.