The Visual Arts Centre affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports announced the launch of a new package of workshops in a number of disciplines of visual arts in print engraving, drawing, ceramics, and Arabic calligraphy. This is in the framework of the Centre’s efforts on its social platforms on the Internet to ensure the continuity of the plastic movement in aspects corresponding to the current situation.
It is expected that these workshops will be presented by a group of instructors of the Visual Arts Centre. The Centre has always offered its affiliates such workshops but now it is doing that through new standards and frameworks that are appropriate for social platforms to ensure that the courses achieve their goals by reaching outputs that are consistent with the goals of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and benefit the visual scene in Qatar. It is expected that digital exhibitions will be held in the form of a review of the results of the work of those workshops following their convening. In this context, the Centre has invited all those who have the talent or desire to join these courses, after announcing their details during the next few period, in order to continue to practice art via electronic media. This they should do within the framework of the centre’s plan to raise awareness of plastic arts in an academic manner, but in the context of modernity through modern technology. The centre was keen in the past to tour all parts of the country to spread plastic arts and introduce them and discover talented people. Social media platforms must carry out this role at the present time and under the current circumstances since the centre will work to spread plastic arts everywhere and will continue to search for talented people.