This evening the Visual Arts Center of the Ministry of Culture organized a three-day art workshop entitled “Mono-printing” at the Center’s headquarters in the Cultural Village Foundation “Katara”.

The workshop, led by the artist Abdul Rahman Al-Mutawa, addressed the methods of artistic expression in printing, aiming at introducing trainees from the age of 17 years and above to the engraving tools, machines, methods and techniques of artistic printing. This activity focused on providing the participants with much practice so that they can accomplish their own work while getting acquainted with the latest techniques that the trainer has accumulated through his long experience in the field of printing, since he has been keen on learning everything new, and his efforts have paid off in the field of autograph printing.

The artist Abdul Rahman Al-Mutawa said that the workshop introduced art print, which is a type of printing that uses a flat surface or cardboard on which color is applied by the techniques of removing or adding color. The plate is engraved with the letters AB, unlike off-set printing which relies on a specific template to print thousands of copies such as the type used in the press, numbered according to the number of copies required for the commercial use of artwork.


He added that this type of printing has its artistic importance because it is one of the forms of plastic art. Therefore, participants are taught the techniques of using printing tools and graphic rules, paying attention to safety regulations for participants when using such tools. He appreciated the efforts of the Visual Arts Center in paying attention to this art form and providing the materials necessary to practice mono printing to produce artistic expression.

Al-Mutawaa also exposed his artistic experience with printing through his continuous research and exploration in the field of graphics, using technological tools, which enabled him to exploit this art in his own works on heritage, dealing with local customs and traditions in a modern fashion.