In a special event combining painting, photography and oud playing, the Visual Arts Center of the Ministry of Culture celebrated this evening the metaphorical expression of “Noon Alniswa”; meaning “women” in the Arabic language. The event was organized in the Center’s square at the Cultural Village “Katara” on the International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8th each year. The female art specialists excelled in their featured art works offered to the visitors. They documented by their painting brushes a beautiful fantasy to celebrate their sisters on this world day. They also used the magic of their photography lenses to capture a moment full of life springs.

Ms. Huda Al-Yafei, Director of the Visual Arts Center, on this celebratory event, said that the International Women’s Day event reinforces the Ministry of Culture’s vision, which aims to provide its services to all society members, noting that the event celebrates the important role that women play in society, and highlights the production of creative women, while emphasizing that this creativity comes in succession of generations.

The event included a busy program represented by the establishment of an art forum for free painting in the external square across the Center building, in which a number of paintists participated, including: Hassa Kala, Mona Al-Badr, Saida Al-Badr, Saida Habib, Hanifa Abdel-Kader and Maryam Al-Shayeb. The painting activity was accompanied by oud playing and singing by singer Evie Sheikh Wafa, who played wonderful music hits of Arab music masters. The event also included a photography activity in which Fatima Al-Emadi, Farha Al-Kuwari and Maha Al-Athba highlighted the beauty of Doha from different angles in collaboration with Akkas Center of the Ministry of Culture’s. Al-Wakra Girls Center also participated in this celebratory event.

At the beginning of the celebration, pioneer artist Wafiqa Sultan was honored in recognition of her works in general during her plastic arts career. On this occasion, she commented with pleasure by saying: “Honoring me on this occasion is a source of pride, and it is beautiful to receive this appreciation all the time.”, stressing that she will continue presenting her art message to the community as she started years ago. She also encouraged other female plastic arts specialists to keep going and stay productive in their careers for the huge positive impact this art leaves on our community.

For their part, a number of female artists stressed the importance of this occasion and its symbolic significance to them. Media personality and paintist Saida Al-Badr, for example, said she participates in three works, two of which are ready, and the third is carried out directly in the presence of the public, which all celebrate a mother in her traditional Qatari dress. Similarly, Saida Habib explained that as soon as she received the invitation from the Visual Arts Center, she accepted the invitation to share her sisters on this occasion with what her creativity would inspire her to embody on the surface of her painting. Hanifa Abdel-Kader, also, said she will present a painting of the inspirational young woman Malala, being a shining star in the Middle East because of her calls and defense for educating girls in particular and women in general. On the same supportive basis to women, Mona Al-Badr said that her participation in the event is a source of pride for her as a Qatari woman, explaining that she will present a painting representing mothers, sisters, wives and female friends, because society develops with the concerted efforts of all. Al-Badr not only celebrates women on their International Day, but always celebrates them and gives them a deserved high profile at all the stations of her career; where she suggests that women deserve many celebrations not only a world day on March 8th each year. She also praised the excellent societal rank women enjoy in the State of Qatar, where men always feel proud of their mothers, wives and sisters; because women are the foundation of community renaissance.