A number of citizens and visitors to Darb Al Saai confirmed that the activities presented this year contribute greatly to informing their children about much of the life of the ancestors. They said that the participating parties in Darb Al Saai were keen to provide various activities suitable for different age groups, and introduce young people to the customs of the ancestors and introduce them to their achievements, and at the same time, it is an opportunity to introduce visitors to Qatar to its heritage and history, pointing out that this year Darb Al Saai presents a number of special activities, which increases the attraction of the largest number of citizens and residents, as well as tourists who are keen to learn about the Qatari heritage through the events held there.

Mohammad Hibis Al-Marri: He who does not have a past does not have a present

Mohammad Hibis Al-Marri said that this is our heritage and the legacy of our ancestors, and we must preserve and cherish it. He who does not have a past does not have a present, as it expresses our personality and identity and always reminds us not to forget it and remind our ancestors who or brought us to where we are now, and these are the values ​​that we must teach to our children, he adds: I am a fan of heritage and the activities of Darb Al Saai express the Qatari heritage, so they always attract everyone, old and young, and the parents are keen to know that visiting Darb Al Saai teaches our children many values, as it presents a microcosm of our heritage in front of the new generations, and introduces and keep it alive in their memories and lives. He continued by saying that: In the midst of our celebrations of the National Day, we saw many achievements during this year, and we wish continued prosperity and progress.

Abu Al-Hajj: Great joy from the citizens and residents of Qatar’s continuous successes

Hassan Abu Al-Hajj praised the level that Darb Al Saai has reached, which made it a great attraction for the different segments of society, and stressed that it is a good opportunity to introduce us and our children to the legacy and history of this good country, as the activities spread everywhere in Darb Al Saai allow them to learn about the lives of the first people of Qatar, and the path they have taken so that God will bless them with what they have achieved, and he adds that the celebration of the National Day comes amid the great joy of citizens and residents, and amid great successes and achievements this year, as Qatar honored all Arabs by organizing this most important football event in the world, and therefore our joy this year is multiplied by the achievements that have been achieved. He said that the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations is keen to present this national event with a new look every year that is in line with the importance of the occasion it expresses. Abu Al-Hajj appreciated the efforts made by the organizing committee for the activities of the National Day, which contributes to the celebrations coming out in this distinguished way.

Mabkhout Al-Wadhin: The activities link our children with their history and authentic customs

Mabkhout Al-Wathin confirmed that Darb Al Saai activities open the way for parents to introduce their children to the authentic Qatari heritage and link them to their history, from which they draw inspiration from the authentic Qatari values ​​and customs. He added: Qatar, as it celebrates the National Day, is taking steady and confident steps towards the future. The huge achievements that have taken place in all fields confirm the ability of the Qatari person to give and achieve the impossible, and teach our children many lessons. He said that the activities of Darb Al Saai attract a large number of visitors who wish to Enjoying the heritage atmosphere that expresses Qatar’s authentic past, and pointed out that the diversity in presenting the Qatari heritage enriches it, raises its value and teaches our children a lot about the life of the ancestors.

Ahmed Mubarak: The joy and happiness on the faces of all the visitors

Ahmed Mubarak said that the events in Darb Al Saai this year fully express the heritage and culture of this indigenous people and are a good opportunity for the families to leave their children to coexist with the legacy left to them by their ancestors, as visitors learn about the nature of life in the past, through (Al-Maqtar) event, which is a group of poetry houses. It simulates the life of the desert, with their generosity, sheep, camels and falcons. “Al Bidaa” event reflects the marine heritage environment, and contains the Mutawa House, the popular café, and the Al-Nukhadha Council (Majlis), in addition to traditional folk games and various cultural competitions. He added by saying that we see the joy and happinesses on the faces of nationals, citizens and residents here in Dab Al Saai celebratiins. This is the day of our great happiness from which we get support to continue the path of achievements for our beloved Qatar under our wise leadership.