The artist Fatima Al-Sherouqi presented new episodes of the series “Shamma and her grandchildren”, which she filmed in cooperation with the Dana Girls’ Centre through the Centre’s social media platform. In her new episodes, Grandma Shamma discusses the importance of the last ten days in the holy month. The episodes dramatically tackles the virtues of Laylatul-Qadr through situations that occur between the grandmother and her grandchildren. Details of that night are thus reviewed and the need to gain from these virtues are stressed. the series belongs to the family type directed to the child and the family, and each episode carries a different title. The series is played by Al-Sherouqi in the leading role while puppets are moved and other roles are played by Mori and Alaa Al-Kanzi and montaged and directed by Mori.
For her part, actress Fatima Al-Sherouqi expressed her happiness at the success with which these episodes  are met, which is evident from the percentage of viewing. She further confirmed that the puppets have received a great acceptance among children, and is a good way to communicate information and provide advice. She also noted that this participation comes within the framework of the societal role that many institutions and individuals play. Electronic platforms must play a positive and important role in educating society, especially children. Through this work, the role of puppets in awareness emerges as an important link in providing advice and guidance, and instilling good habits in children.