The Qatari Forum for Authors held a virtual symposium entitled “Creativity and the Digital World,” in which it hosted His Excellency Dr. Talal Abu Ghazala and moderated the dialogue, in which a group of intellectuals and authors participated, as well as the interviewer, Dr. Abdulrahim Al-Hur.


The symposium dealt with the importance of development and innovation and the development of projects based on creativity and digital.


At the beginning of the seminar, Dr. Abu Ghazala emphasized that the world is experiencing a new revolution. After the peasant revolution, then the industrial revolution, and then the mechanization revolution, we are now living with a knowledge revolution aimed at creating knowledge. which has become the standard for the development and growth of peoples compared to others. Countries now focus on the production and invention of knowledge. Pointing out that he increased his certainty of the importance of knowledge and innovation after presiding over the first United Nations conference on education in 1995, where the necessity of changing education to be more innovative was discussed, given that education was and still is based on memorization and indoctrination, noting that Arabs have two options: innovation or extinction.


He added that what was needed was to move from teaching to learning, stressing that most innovators and inventors had not completed their undergraduate studies, and yet they had made billions of dollars and he cited Google, pointing out that the knowledge society in a simplified way is the society of knowledge is the one that operates with communication and information technologies and is similar to the human nervous system, It is the cognitive society in which everything is done by digitization, which makes it a necessity of our time and calls for more attention to digitization and knowledge-making. His first step was to shift to technology for the protection of intellectual property rights and to operate in a decentralized manner. He also set up offices in various countries of the world to communicate with his clients in order to ensure that they were quickly delivered, responsive and not disrupted.